The above video is a welcome to my new campaign on Patreon, the page for which is here. The video should be self-explanatory, but if you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a great new way to support content creators–writers, bloggers, artists, even historians–in helping them bring you the stuff you love. I have today begun to ask you, the community, to help me. Patreon is really terrific, and as you’ll see from the above video, it’s not just a one-way street. If you sign up, you’ll get access to some very cool stuff that no one else gets to see.

Given the growing success of the Second Decade history podcast, and my recent decision to try to put out (finally) the print version of my science fiction book The Valley of Forever, I feel like now is the time to join the many creators on Patreon who are sharing their creations with their most supportive fans. Obviously I’m going to start small, but this blog and my projects have always been a dynamic journey, and today that journey takes a new turn.

If you, the loyal readers of my blog, some of you who’ve been here for years, feel moved to support my Patreon campaign–even with as little as $1 a month–I’d be very grateful. Again, all the details are here. I’ll probably post occasional updates about the Patreon campaign on this blog, so stay tuned. And, as always, thanks for your wonderful support!