It’s getting close to Christmas and Hanukkah, and time to start closing down the workaday stuff in favor of spending time with family and friends. I’ve already kind of been on holiday hiatus for a while now, blogging mostly my recent book and podcast releases, but as of now I make it official: I’m going to be on holiday break for a little while.

There’s still plenty to keep you busy. If you haven’t read The Valley of Forever yet, it’s out. There is a new paperback version of Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances that just came out. And of course there’s Second Decade history podcast. If you wonder what to get me as a Hanukkah present, a contribution to my Patreon would be wonderful!

I hope you have a holiday season as filled with love, family, wine, joy and peace as the one I hope to have in the coming days.

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