As a historian and a podcaster, it’s always great to see my work reaching people, and even better to see people appreciating it. A few days ago I became aware of an article posted on with a list of “17 History Podcasts You Should Be Listening To in 2017,” by a group called the Bello Collective. Of these seventeen podcasts, my Second Decade show came in at number 15. Here’s what Calen Cross of the Bello Collective had to say about the show:

The Second Decade is an excellent look at the 1810s. The stories are worldwide and intertwined and interesting and Sean Munger’s storytelling style is wonderful. Start with episode: Episode 3- The Last Frost Fair.

Obviously, thanks so much to Calen and the Bello Collective, which is a group of Medium writers who are trying to for podcasts what so many other blogs and writers do more often for films or music. The exploration of the podcast as a storytelling and education device is sparking a lot of people to wonder whether we are, in another technological form, back into a “golden age of radio” as in decades past.


But beyond that, and even beyond Second Decade, Bello’s article has 16 other terrific suggestions for history podcasts to listen to! I highly recommend reading the full article. Some of the others that made the cut include Bulgarian History Podcast, 10 American Presidents, The Viking Age Podcast, A History of Oil, and Migration Nation. I’ve only just begun to listen to some of these, but they’re terrific. The wide range of history represented here, and especially the great research and hard work of a lot of dedicated and enthusiastic historians, definitely deserve your appreciation and support.

Thanks again to the Bello Collective. By the way, after an unplanned hiatus, Second Decade will be returning this coming Sunday, with Part III of the saga of Napoleon in Russia.

The header image includes a mosaic, drawn from public domain images, compiled by the Bello Collective.