February Romance, (c) 2017 by Sean Munger

Released February 16, 2016

Winter just got a little warmer.

Six fabulously different people hailing from various parts of the globe—from Seattle to Sapporo—pair off in surprising combinations in three exotic locales. Two flamboyant snowboard champions, a retired software designer in the autumn of his life, a Swedish sociology professor unlucky at romance, a British schoolteacher uncertain of his sexuality and a Japanese college student with daddy issues each find themselves unexpectedly in love in the month of February, and none of them seem to know quite how to handle it. Set in New York, Austria and Japan, these unlikely love stories highlight the unpredictability of the heart, the complexity of relationships and the indomitable spirit of romance that can turn the dead of winter into springtime for the soul.

Where to Get It

February Romance is available on Amazon Kindle in e-book format. You can find the book here. There is also a paperback version, which is available here.

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