This is the first time I’ve reblogged something from the Slip/Through Movies blog, and while they don’t appear often in my WordPress reader, there’s a lot to feast on when they do! This article detailing the best films of the early part of the 1960s is typical of Slip/Through’s approach: some great choices capturing the gestalt of the decade, and some awesome visuals. Some of my favorite 1960s films appear on this list and all are worth considering in evaluating the unique cinema of that decade. Terrific article!

RANKING THE YEAR’S BEST: FROM OSCAR MOVIES TO BLOCKBUSTERS Walk down memory lane… And let the movie nerd debate begin. Let’s REWIND to the 1960s. PART 1: Featuring Movies from 1960-1964.

The 1960s have some all-time greats of cinema. There are some truly legendary films that premiered from 1960-1964. The #1 movie during this period was MY FAIR LADY with $72 million (not adjusted for inflation). My Notable Must-Watch list is filled with films that have withstood the test of time. Every year (up to today) there are several must-see movies that slipped through the cracks for me.…

Source: REWIND & RANK: TOP 10 Movies of the 1960s