[Sean Munger] Robert Horvat’s wonderful Five Favorite Streets blog feature, which I participated in, is back! And this is the best one ever! I’ll let Robert introduce this installment.

[Robert Horvat] Every now and then I will invite a special guest to write about their five favourite streets (or places) in their own city and or somewhere around the world that they have managed to travel to. Today, I am honoured to have David Lawlor as my special guest. I must confess, David is someone whom I admire and have gained plenty advice from over the past few years. I am especially excited today by his choice to focus on his hometown. It is truly a city close to his heart. Without further ado I will let David take you on his tour of his favourite streets/places in Dublin, Ireland.


This is one of the five ancient roads to Tara, the home of Ireland’s ancient High Kings. It also happens to be the working-class neighbourhood in which I grew up. Being from the inner city and on the northside of the river carried with it a certain stigma in those days. Now, the old pubs compete with trendy coffee shops, where bearded hipsters sip on macchiatos not Guinness. The older I’ve got, the more this street’s secrets have been revealed to me – it was the site of an IRA ambush during the War of Independence, as well as being the scene of a brutal murder by Black and Tan soldiers. In mediaeval times, an invalid beggar by the name of ‘Billy In The Bowl’ is said to have lured people into its alleys and strangled them. Sometimes, as on this street, history really is right on your doorstep.

North Great George’s Street

This beautiful piece of Georgian Dublin sits quietly and unobtrusively in the heart of the city. For many it’s something of a backwater, but it’s a jewel hidden in plain sight, in a rather depressing urban landscape. When you pass by the five-storey facades of its Georgian mansions, you can almost hear the roll of carriage wheels on cobble and imagine liveried footmen aiding ladies swathed in hoop-lined dresses as they disembark from ornate coaches.…

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