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A public service: how to spot fake news.

So, I’ve been seeing the above infographic everywhere in the past couple of months. I work with a volunteer program involving students, and I saw this posted in a classroom just the other day; this morning I found it on Peter W. Sinclair’s very wonderful Climate Crocks blog which battles the scourge of climate change denialism. I think it’s an extremely important message, and it’s communicated quite succinctly and cogently.

Before falling for a news item, especially one seen on social media, do a little critical thinking. Is it properly sourced? Is the source reliable? What’s the context? Is it satire, a comedy site or trolling? “Fake news” has a terrible habit of becoming “fake history,” and now is an especially dangerous time in public discourse for falsehoods to take root.

The “spot fake news” infographic is by the International Federation of Library Associations and is used here under Creative Commons 4.0 license.


  1. Yup. It appeared on my blog too. I with more people took it seriously.

  2. Great post Sean. I’ve noticed regardless of what side of the fence people sit on politically, they have become almost entirely about reacting to the latest outrages/degeneracies/insanities of their opponents. They look to fit the facts to match the narratives which makes fake news (and fake history) so easily digestible.


  3. Much needed! Thanks Sean. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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