So, I’m now a guest host on the New Books Network podcast, Environmental Studies channel! It went up a while ago, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted the announcement here until now. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. John Ryan Fischer, author of Cattle Colonialism: An Environmental History of the Conquest of California and Hawaii. This fascinating book originally came out in 2015 but just recently emerged with a paperback version. My 50-minute interview with Dr. Fisher can be accessed directly here:

John Ryan Fischer of “Cattle Colonialism” on New Books Network podcast (Environmental Studies)

As you’ll hear from the interview, the story of how California and Hawaii were settled by Europeans–and linked together–through the introduction of cattle is a truly fascinating one. Before I read this book I knew nothing about Hawaiian cowboys or the hide and tallow trade of California in the 1830s and 40s, both major precursors to American colonization of these places. Dr. Fischer explains in this show how he came to be interested in this topic and some of the surprising things he found. Do check it out, it’s a great show!

My periodic guest stints on the New Books Network are in addition to my usual historical podcast, Second Decade.

The header photo is by me; the cover of Cattle Colonialism is copyright (C) 2015 by University of North Carolina Press.