Though I know many of you are long-time readers of this blog, surprisingly few of you know that I teach online history classes (you can see what I’ve done, and what’s coming up, here). And I’ve got a course coming up that is the most challenging and elaborate that I’ve ever done. Right now, December 2017, I’m gearing up for the World War II History & Virtual Global Tour, which is set to begin next month. If you’re a serious history buff and want to delve into the subject of the Second World War in a unique and entertaining way, this class is absolutely for you.

In this course, run entirely online through a simple web conference platform called Zoom, I will not only take you through the history of the 20th century’s central formative experience, but I’ll show you the places where it happened. We will “fly” to numerous spots on the globe through Google Earth, which will give you not only a historical but a geographic perspective on the war–and with the online tools available that can put you down on the ground in any part of the world, it’s the next best thing to actually going on a package tour for yourself. And the course is interactive. Not just static video lectures–you can ask questions, talk to me or other students in real-time, and learn more about World War II than you would ever get from a book or a TV documentary.

There will be six sessions of the WWIIH&VGT, eight counting the two bonus sessions. They will be held on Sunday afternoons, Pacific (USA) time, but for those who miss sessions recordings will be available. Zoom is a free software–all you need is a webcam and microphone, which now come built-in on most modern computers. It’s that easy! All details are here.

Cost is $280 for the full flight of eight classes ($210 for the basic six). Please note, there is no university or other official credit associated with this course–but it is absolutely worth the money. This class would also make a great Christmas gift for the person in your family who loves history and who has “maxxed out” on Stephen Ambrose books and Ken Burns documentaries. This is the next step!

The conning tower of this World War II submarine is one of the places we will visit in the WWII History & Virtual Global Tour. The list of sites I’m compiling of the course is already very long.

The World War II History & Virtual Global Tour is a labor of love for me. I am a Ph.D. historian with a long list of teaching credits. Over the past 3 years I’ve been perfecting the perfect online class, and this is the next step in its evolution. My last course, on the American Revolution, received rave reviews and I’ve already had several eager sign-ups. The course is slated to begin January 14, so there’s not much time left to sign up!

I hope you’ll join me for this journey through the Second World War.

The promotional images in this article were created by me from public domain images. I claim no copyright as to images of Google products.