So, you may know that I have a YouTube channel, and I’ve been trying to use it to full effect lately. In the classes that I teach online, I have developed a technique called “Geohistory,” where I not only tell you the history of a place, but I show you the actual place–on Google Maps, usually–where it happened. I’ve found this technique to be really illuminating not just for students, but for me. If you can see where something happened, you gain a greater appreciation of the event itself or the person that a place is associated with. It’s also a uniquely visual, entertaining and tech-savvy way, I think, to leverage modern Internet technology to advance the cause of history.

One of the series of videos I’m doing is called Presidential Places, and in it I mean to show you many, many different locations in the U.S.–and around the world, in fact–that have been associated with our Chief Executives. Though Presidential “cribs” are necessarily included in this category, the series isn’t limited to that; the U.S. Presidents have slept, worked, lived, loved and sinned in a lot of different places in the past 230 years, and many of them are really interesting to see. Thus, I’ve begun this ambitious project with the very first President, George Washington, and his palatial home Mount Vernon in Virginia. Here are the videos I’ve completed so far, taking you through the first five Presidents. Each one is only about five minutes long.

Presidential Places #1, Mt. Vernon (George Washington)

Presidential Places #2, Peacefield (John Adams)

Presidential Places #3, Graff House (Thomas Jefferson)

Presidential Places #4: Monticello, Part 1 (Thomas Jefferson)

Presidential Places #5: Monticello Part 2 (Thomas Jefferson)

Presidential Places #6: Poplar Forest (Thomas Jefferson)

Presidential Places #7: Independence Hall (George Washington, James Madison)

Presidential Places #8: Dolley Todd House (James Madison)

Presidential Places #9: Montpelier (James Madison)

Presidential Places #10: Octagon House (James Madison)

Presidential Places #11: Ash Lawn-Highland (James Monroe)

I will be continuing this series as I add more videos. It may take a long ways to get through all the Presidents, but there are still numerous interesting places to come!

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The image of Mt. Vernon at the header of this article is in the public domain.