Click here to listen to Second Decade Episode 35, “Bolivar, Part III.”

Although I haven’t been as diligent about posting updates here on the Second Decade podcast, if you listen to the show you know that I have been plugging away at it, albeit without the breakneck production schedule of when the podcast was first starting out. I’m happy to announce the latest episode, which is the third part in a series on Latin American revolutionary Simon Bolivar—certainly one of the most important figures in world history in the 1810s, and without whom Central and South America would not be what it is today.

Here is the official summary of the episode:

“At the end of the Second Decade, after many tumultuous years of war and revolution, Spain’s colonial empire in the New World began to collapse at a rapid rate. It was due in no small part to Simón Bolívar and his daring military conquests, which were crowned by an audacious and harrowing trek through swamps and mountains which led to the pivotal Battle of Boyaca in 1819. But how did Bolivar, who had suffered at least as many failures and setbacks as he had clear successes, come to this point? His prowess as a commander—questioned by some—was not the whole story. As a political leader fighting for democracy and self-determination, he could never quite conquer his dictatorial tendencies. The result was a successful revolution against Spanish rule, but also an imperfect one.

In the conclusion of the three-part series on Simón Bolivar—and the season finale of Second Decade—Dr. Sean Munger takes you into the forbidding jungles and frozen mountains of South America, onto the battlefields of the wars for independence, and, as much as anyone can, into the head of one of the world’s most famous revolutionaries. In this episode you’ll learn how Bolivar wrote New Granada’s constitution in a small boat, how he used a threat of giving up his power to obtain even more, and why mud, rain, horses and mosquitoes played such an important role in the decisive battle that made modern South America. As an epilogue, you’ll learn about Bolivar’s life post-Second Decade, and why his legacy remains controversial today.”

“Bolivar, Part III” is also the final episode in Second Decade’s second season. Now that June is over, I’m going to be taking a long-contemplated hiatus from the podcast over the summer, which will return with new episodes in September or October. Although I may do an “Off Topic” episode or two over the summer—those are always fun—I’m going to turn my attention this summer to my other various projects, which include my other podcast, the science fiction audio drama Double Perigee, and the various series of videos that are now running on my YouTube channel.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Second Decade this year. It’s been a great and very diverse season of episodes. More to come next year!