It’s been several months, but my history podcast, Second Decade, is finally back from summer/fall hiatus! Just today Episode 36, “Napoleon’s Hundred Days, Part I,” was released. You can listen at the link below:

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Second Decade is back, but in this episode, Napoleon is back too…from exile on the island of Elba, where he was banished by the Coalition powers (principally Great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia) in the spring of 1814. But Napoleon was the kind of guy who didn’t know when the party was over. Facing bankruptcy and skull-crushing boredom, in March 1815 he made a bold move to return to power in France, thus triggering the final phase of his remarkable political and military career. The period known as “the Hundred Days” would eventually end in the climactic Battle of Waterloo. This episode, the first in a projected 3-part series, covers Napoleon’s exile and his return to power in France.

You can see extras and more visuals at the episode’s web site, here.

This is the beginning of the third season of Second Decade, and this episode drops almost on the 2nd anniversary of the show’s premiere, way back in late October 2016. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working on it that long. Given various job pressures and personal challenges I’ve been facing, the fact that I’m still working on the podcast at all is somewhat amazing! But I had always planned Napoleon’s Hundred Days as an episode topic, and I’m glad I finally got to do it.

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