It’s always a good day when I can announce a new book project that’s nearing completion. Today is one of those days. On January 15, 2019, I will be releasing my new novel Jake’s 88, which will be available on Amazon both in e-book and paperback versions. The front cover for the book is shown in the header, but there is a non-matted version of it below the next paragraph.

Jake’s 88 is a coming-of-age romance set, as the title indicates, in the year 1988. Jake is a teenager growing up in the U.S. Midwest, his days centering around smoking, heavy metal tapes and skipping high school classes. When he develops a crush on his best friend’s girlfriend, the alluring but troubled Stacey O’Shaugnessy, a chain reaction begins that threatens to unravel Jake’s insular world–but also force him to grow up a lot faster than he anticipated. Loaded with 80s pop culture references and steeped in the bizarre “head space” of the decade, if you grew up in the 1980s, Jake’s 88 may take you back three decades in an instant. And if you didn’t, you might wish you had!

You could say that Jake’s 88 is a story whose time has come–after waiting a very long time. Its genesis goes back to the Eighties themselves, from my first serious attempt to write a novel, while I was in high school. What I wrote then wasn’t very good, but there was always within it the seed of a pretty decent story. Now, with enough maturity and experience as a writer to make it work, I’ve taken this decades-old experiment and turned it into something that, I hope, can say a little bit to the world about what it was really like to be young in the 1980s, a decade that has shaped the course of our modern world in numerous profound ways, and which remains misunderstood in most of the ways it’s filtered down into popular culture.

Here is the back cover of Jake’s 88, which you’ll see if you get the paperback version.

I hope that you, my readers and fans, end up enjoying Jake’s 88 and seeing in it some of the glimpses of life 30 years ago that still remain indelible in my memory–and perhaps yours. I’ll have more updates as time grows nearer (such as, when the book will be available for preorder), but in the meantime, get ready for the book’s arrival in the New Year!

The covers of Jake’s 88 are copyright (C) 2018 by me, Sean Munger, all rights reserved.