It’s a happy day for me! Today, January 15, 2019, I officially have another novel added to my body of work, as Jake’s 88, my latest book, sees full release. If you preordered on Kindle, the book should pop right onto your device sometime today. The paperback version is also available, and, if I may say so, it looks really great. You can see me holding the proof copy in the header image (the real one obviously doesn’t have the “Not for Resale” banner). Both editions are available at Amazon, here.

Jake’s 88 is a coming-of-age romance set in the 80s, specifically, the year 1988. The eponymous character, Jake, who lives in a grimy city on the Great Plains, spends most of his time smoking and listening to heavy metal tapes. But life then throws him some curve balls: his dad turns out to be a criminal, he develops a badly-timed crush on his best friend’s troubled girlfriend, and Jake’s own sexuality suddenly reveals some surprises of its own. The book is as much about the curious head-space of growing up in the 80s as it is about love, lust and high school, and for those of you who were (like me) teenagers in that decade, it should bring back some memories!

Here’s the video trailer for Jake’s 88:

This has been one of the most fun books I’ve ever done, and it was a long time–decades, in fact–in the making. On my historical podcast Second Decade, I’ve done two bonus “off topic” episodes dealing with the history of the 1980s, in honor of the release of Jake’s 88. Part I is here; and Part II is here. So much was going on in that decade, and all of it profoundly shaped what our modern world is like.

If you buy and read the book, what would really help would be for you to leave a star rating and a review on Amazon. Indie authors like myself rely principally on reviews and word-of-mouth to get our books read, so if you like it, please help me out!

I hope you enjoy Jake’s 88. For those of you who have been my readers and fans for a long time, I’m grateful for your support.

The cover of Jake’s 88 is copyright (C) 2019 by Sean Munger and Buffalo Fetus Productions, all rights reserved.