My coming-of-age novel set in the 1980s, Jake’s 88, which came out last month, has been getting some excellent reviews, and I’m very happy that the book is connecting with readers.

At the Irevuo blog, quite popular among writers and book lovers, Cristian Mihai had this to say about the book:

Jake’s 88 does what it attempts to do, without making me feel like there’s something to add or remove. It makes for a fast read, but enjoyable at the same time. This novel does a wonderful job at describing a world that I never got a chance to experience, and one that is never coming back, and for this reason, this is a must read. Or maybe you are nostalgic about the eighties, if you’re that old.”

And a reader on Amazon, Rob Santana, noted in a five-star review:

“If you’re looking for a novel that will transport you back to the late 80s, to the most iconic, most colorful decade in American history, this one’s for you…Jake’s journey hurtles him through the thread of familiar icons of the late 80s; great films are mentioned. (Aliens, Fatal Attraction anyone?) also included are songs you might be familiar with if you were into the music scene then…The writing is snappy, the descriptions vivid. If you want to re-live 1988, this book will take you there.”

Rob Santana is himself an author; here is his website.

I have also had some feedback from readers, not in the form of published reviews, that has been extremely positive.

I think it’s great that Jake’s 88 is connecting both with readers who experienced the 1980s firsthand, and those who didn’t. It was a fun book to write and very interesting to put myself back in the mindset of that long-ago vanished time.

If you haven’t picked up Jake’s 88 yet, give it a shot. It’s definitely a lot of fun. Big thanks to Cristian, Rob and the others who have enjoyed the book.

The cover of Jake’s 88 is copyright (C) 2019 by Sean Munger, all rights reserved.