Hello, everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a new article go up, and I thought I’d give you all a brief update on what’s been happening, and what’s brewing for me, this site, the Second Decade podcast, and everything else.

First of all, it’s almost impossible to explain how incredibly busy I’ve been this winter. Much of my time has been spent developing my platform and positioning as a professional speaker and consultant, focusing on history and climate change (and how climate change is going to affect our history, a subject I’ve written about before). Part of this effort involves writing a book–my first non-fiction book, about the historical impact of climate change, is in the works–as well as numerous other initiatives. Things are starting to take off. A lucky few of you around the Northwest have seen me speak already, especially at various McMenamin’s Pub “History Nights,” and I have a few more of those scheduled. So, I’m quite busy!

Second, I’m in the process of completely overhauling and revamping this website. You don’t see it yet, and you may not for a little while, but it is coming. While I’m going to continue posting blogs, the days of SeanMunger.com being primarily a blog are very much numbered. Everything will still be there, but I’m intending this site to become a hub for all of my professional and creative activities, including speaking, teaching and writing. So, the website will be changing very soon. In the meantime, during the transition, comments may not be approved and various aspects of the website may not look exactly the way they should. All will calm down eventually.

Finally, Second Decade is, as you may have noticed, on an unscheduled hiatus. I will be returning to the podcast soon, after a few more things calm down for me. The next episode on my list is about the history of Antarctica in the 1810s and the year of its official discovery, 1820. In the meantime, I’m guesting on a couple of other podcasts here and there. I was recently interviewed on the Andy Social Podcast, for an episode that will be going up March 28; and I’m soon going to be a guest star on the terrific historical podcast History by Hollywood, which is my new favorite podcast! I’ll be helping veteran hosts Martin and Andrew review and fact-check the 1983 film The Right Stuff (which I also wrote about on this blog, here). That episode will go up in early April.

So, that’s what’s up. Bear with me for the next few weeks as all the changes fall into line. I’m still here, still writing, recording, speaking and teaching–I’m not going anywhere!

The header image, in case you’re interested, is called “The Departure,” painted by Polish romanticist Józef Chełmoński in 1890.

Hope everyone is well!

The header image is in the public domain.