Friends, I’m happy to bring you the announcement that there’s an extensive interview with me up today (March 28, 2019), on the Andy Social Podcast out of Australia. Andy Dowling, a friend of mine from down under who I met many years ago in the heavy metal scene, interviews interesting people from all walks of life on his show, and recently it was my turn. We talked for nearly two hours, about everything from my book Jake’s 88 to climate change, professional speaking, my history classes and more!

Click here to listen!

It was great chatting with Andy and I think the episode came out quite well. I’ve got a lot to say these days, so it’s a nice thing to be able to go on some different channels and talk about my work.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks to Andy Dowling for having me on the show. Please share!

The header image is owned by andy dowling of the andy social podcast.