Book release days are always fun. Today, August 20, 2019, The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History, my first nonfiction book, is finally available in Amazon Kindle format and also in paperback. An audio version will also soon be available on Audible, so check back for that!

Climate change is the world’s biggest problem. It seems intractable, very frightening, and sometimes futile, especially as political leaders and economic interests drag their feet on needed action, or worse, deliberately obfuscate and frustrate what actions are being taken. But, scary as it is, climate change is not “the end of history.” It’s the beginning of a new phase of the human story. That is the thesis of The Warmest Tide, and I use historical analysis to try to make sense of where we are and where climate change might be taking us. Although much of the book is about the future, it’s very much rooted in the story of the past as well. Few historians talk about climate change, but I think it takes a historian to put it in context.

The Warmest Tide is short, readable, no-nonsense, and designed for the lay person on the go. There’s no preaching and not a single chart or graph. The book came about as a result of my speeches and teaching regarding the history and context of climate change, and I hope it gives some perspective that you may not get just from reading headlines.

If you’re not yet a supporter on Patreon, this is a great time to join up. For patrons only, between now and September 7, I am posting the audio files of The Warmest Tide audio book version, one chapter at a time, for free! So if you want to listen to the book on your commute or at your leisure, you can do that for only $1 a month as a Patreon supporter.

Thanks to everyone who made The Warmest Tide possible. Hope you all enjoy it!

The cover of The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History is copyright (C) 2019 by Sean Munger, all rights reserved.