I’m very excited to introduce all of you to my new project. It’s a podcast called Green Screen, and it’s already been a lot of fun!

Green Screen is the environmental movie podcast. On this show, I join up with my co-host (and husband) Cody Climer and we discuss, analyze and review popular movies about the environment or which have environmental themes or involve nature in a significant way. I bring to bear my background in environmental history, and Cody brings the “movie nerd” stuff. Two episodes are now complete and out, two more are recorded and in production, and we’re really having a great time.

We’re available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and will probably soon be up on all the major podcatchers.

Here is the video trailer I made for Green Screen:

The movie we chose to inaugurate the podcast was the 1979 eco-thriller The China Syndrome, starring Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas. The film centers around the issue of nuclear power and was eerily prescient as it was released barely two weeks before the real-life near meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. It also proved to be a fun film to discuss and review. So much polyester, so much hostile work environment…and a turtle crawling around on the bed??!?

Click here to listen to Green Screen Episode 1: The China Syndrome

Below is the trailer for the film:

We have since done a second episode, slightly lighter, on the 1986 science fiction comedy Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This movie involves species conservation–specifically humpback whales, which the Star Trek gang has to go back in time to the 1980s to fetch in order to solve a problem in the 23rd century. But are humpback whales really on the brink of extinction, as the film asserts many times? What was the environmental vibe in the 1980s that the picture tried to tap into? And what’s the deal with Shatner’s toupee? Did his real hair ever look like that?

Click here to listen to Green Screen Episode 2: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Below is the trailer for the film:

Green Screen has been a project long in coming. I’ve been fascinated by how movies deal with the environment, and you could say that the genesis of the podcast was an article I did on this blog back in December 2014, about movies that you didn’t know were secretly about climate change. Many of those films are on our list of future episodes for Green Screen. Thanks largely to my husband I have also become a big fan of movie podcasts, especially Friendly Fire (the war movie podcast with Ben Harrison, Adam Pranika and John Roderick) which has been one of our inspirations, and the wonderful History by Hollywood show which I have done two guest appearances on. Largely do to them I thought, “I can do that!” and so the idea of Green Screen was born.

We are just starting out, and as with all new podcasts, we need to get discovered and heard. If you have an interest in the show, please listen and subscribe, and leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts which is the most important venue where people can discover us. You can also help by spreading word of the show on social media or talking about it to others. Here are the various places where we’re starting to establish a presence:

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Please follow us and show us some love.

A special appeal for those of you who are into environmental history: Green Screen will deal with a lot of environmental history issues. In the first two episodes we’ve already dealt with nuclear power, climate change, NIMBYism, species conservation, James Watt, and many other topics. I would love this podcast to become a favorite among the environmental history community. So if you do like it, please promote it on social media under the #EnvHist hashtag.

We’re going to try to put out episodes every two weeks. Our next scheduled episode will be March 5, and we’re discussing the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Hope you all enjoy the show!