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Telling reversal: a politician is finally ashamed of his climate change denial. (UPDATED!)

This article, originally posted September 27, 2016, was updated September 28. Go to the end for the update. Much of America is talking today about [...]

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Endless Summer 2: What more I learned by teaching about climate change.

My second year of teaching a class on the history of climate change has made certain truths about our planet even more vivid and personal to me.

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One speech can change the world: James Hansen’s warning on climate change.

James Hansen's ground-breaking 1988 testimony on man-made climate change still resonates as a key moment in recent American history.

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Gloomy skies: Trying to remain optimistic in the era of catastrophic climate change.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to envision climate change as anything other than a catastrophic problem that will soon monopolize all our lives.

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My 10 favorite articles of 2015 (Part III): Mosquito Coast, German suicides and climate change.

Here are what I think are the three best articles that appeared on my blog during 2015. Happy New Year!

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High hopes for #COP21: Climate change is the world’s most important issue.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference could be a turning point in world history...if we have the wisdom to use the opportunity.

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