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My 10 favorite articles of 2015 (Part III): Mosquito Coast, German suicides and climate change.

Here are what I think are the three best articles that appeared on my blog during 2015. Happy New Year!

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High hopes for #COP21: Climate change is the world’s most important issue.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference could be a turning point in world history...if we have the wisdom to use the opportunity.

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Benghazi-ing Climate Science: House “Science” Committee Subpoenas NOAA

A little drama is playing out on Capitol Hill involving climate change. This article from the Climate Denial Crock of the Week blog, from October [...]

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They’re still “deniers”: How the AP is obfuscating climate change with words (again).

Why is the Associated Press deliberately using the wrong words to describe people who reject climate science?

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The Pope’s moral crusade: Climate change is abolitionism of the 21st century.

Climate change is the moral and religious issue of our time--in much the same way that abolishing slavery was 200 years ago.

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