Historian interview: Dr. Peter Kopp, author of “Hoptopia,” on the New Books Network podcast.

My latest historian author interview is a very interesting one, especially if you like beer!

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False Equivalence: why it’s not “biased” to insist on real facts and dismiss fake ones.

People with very wrong views about what happened in the past shout "Bias!" if you reject their false assertions. Insisting on reality is not biased at all.

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Unobstructed views: an early photographic study of New England’s historic houses.

The Streets of Salem blog shows us a host of wonderful photos of historic houses that sadly are today only the stuff of memory, and history books.

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Take a class with me! My World War II History & Virtual Global Tour is gearing up.

In my upcoming online interactive class, you'll not only learn about the Second World War in great depth from a Ph.D. historian, you'll see the places it happened.

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