“And you call yourself a historian?”: the misunderstanding and contempt for professional history.

I require no lectures from purveyors of pseudohistory and other nonsense on the standards of the historical profession.

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Oswald still acted alone: faith versus fact in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The historical facts are quite clear: there was no conspiracy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Yet many people refuse to accept the facts.

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Second Decade history podcast returns! New episode: “New England’s Cold Friday.”

Second Decade returns from hiatus with a chilling tale from New England in the winter of 1810, which made a pretty indelible mark in popular consciousness.

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Background to war? Mad Sociologist on U.S.-North Korea conflict. [video]

https://youtu.be/Gmpp7QZWwpE The above video is by fellow academic blogger The Mad Sociologist, who tries in this video to provide some background--both historical and political--to the [...]

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Fool’s Gold: why there’s no treasure in the Oak Island “Money Pit.” [Part IV] (UPDATED!)

It's illogical to believe there is treasure on Oak Island. Here's my summation.

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