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The year in review: my best stuff of 2018.

Here's a run-down on what I think represents my best work of 2018: blog articles, classes, podcasts and videos. Best wishes in 2019!

A unique soul has left us: remembering Erik Landwehr (1981-2018).

Erik saw the world through a number of unique and diverse lenses. His vision is one we can all aspire to.

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Princess Leia and the Women’s March: a fitting tribute to Carrie Fisher.

When women's rights are under attack in real-life America, can a science fiction princess help us defend them?

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One speech can change the world: James Hansen’s warning on climate change.

James Hansen's ground-breaking 1988 testimony on man-made climate change still resonates as a key moment in recent American history.

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An empty chair in the library: Remembering the brilliance of Umberto Eco.

The passing of the great Italian author, thinker and semiotician leaves a huge hole in the worlds of literature and academia that will never be filled.

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