Historian interview: Dr. Peter Kopp, author of “Hoptopia,” on the New Books Network podcast.

My latest historian author interview is a very interesting one, especially if you like beer!

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Historian interview: Dr. Ryan Fischer, author of “Cattle Colonialism,” on the New Books Network podcast.

I got to interview environmental history author John Ryan Fischer about his book "Cattle Colonialism" in a new podcast on the New Books Network.

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Nancy Marie Brown reveals some interesting truths about the Lewis Chessmen, Viking history and Margret the Adroit.

This delightful article from Robert Horvat's history blog is an interview with author Nancy Marie Brown, specifically about the "Lewis chessmen," a medieval chess set [...]

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Robin Pierson’s Grand Strategy: The history of Byzantium podcast.

My friend Robert Horvat, who runs two excellent history blogs, just conducted an interview with Robin Pierson, a British historian who does the wonderful "History [...]

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In the beginning there were 12 Byzantine Rulers: Lars Brownworth speaks candidly about podcasting, Justinian and history.

Robert Horvat, a frequent collaborator on this blog, scores another terrific interview on his own site, this one with historian Lars Brownworth of "12 Byzantine [...]

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Amongst the ruins of Isca Augusta you may just find Adrian Goldsworthy.

My friend Robert Horvat has scored another amazing interview with a historian! This time it's Adrian Goldsworthy, who writes about the Roman world. Terrific interview, [...]

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My 10 favorite articles of 2013 (Part III): Mitch & Bonnie, Pope and Packard.

In a few hours 2013 will be history (or it may already be, depending on where you live when this article goes up). I'm taking [...]

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