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/Missing Persons

The mystery of the missing mystery writer: the strange disappearance of Agatha Christie.

This is the sixth article in my 1920s Week series. Aside from Shakespeare and God--or whoever you think wrote the Bible--Agatha Christie is the best-selling [...]

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My 10 favorite articles of 2013 (Part III): Mitch & Bonnie, Pope and Packard.

In a few hours 2013 will be history (or it may already be, depending on where you live when this article goes up). I'm taking [...]

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The end of the road for the McStay Family: a sad discovery answers some questions and raises others. [UPDATED]

Update: this article was originally posted on November 15, 2013. On November 8, 2014, authorities arrested and charged a man, Charles "Chase" Merritt, with the [...]

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(Fictional) Disappeared: The Burkittsville (Blair Witch) Three, “Missing” 19 years.

The 1999 movie "The Blair Witch Project" centers around a fictional MP case. If it was a real case, what conclusions could we draw?

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