Ten Years of Winter

/Ten Years of Winter

Earth: Cyderhall Farm, near Dornoch, Scotland, home of an early “weather prophet.”

George Mackenzie thought of himself as a latter-day Isaac Newton, a giant in the history of science.

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Researching “Ten Years of Winter”: A day in my life as a historian.

What do I do all day, what am I looking for, and why do I do it? This post explains the life of a historian.

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The Sage of Monticello looks skyward: Thomas Jefferson’s weather book.

After he returned from Washington, Thomas Jefferson chronicled the environmental history of his plantation in a special book, which very few historians have ever seen.

Dark days at Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s environmental misfortunes.

After he retired from the Presidency, Thomas Jefferson struggled mightily to make a living and keep his family out of poverty, and climate change compounded his misfortunes.

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