New Year’s hope and renewal: Billy Wilder’s “The Apartment” and why it resonates.

Billy Wilder's 1960 romantic comedy perfectly captures the dreariness of the week after Christmas, and the sense of renewal the New Year brings.

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“Down & Out at Harvard”: My Favorite Second Decade Episode is Honored by Bello Collective.

Bello Collective chose not only my podcast to highlight as one of their best-of 2017, but they focused on what I think is my best episode!

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Second Decade history podcast two for one: “The Belle of Nagasaki” plus a bonus episode.

Two episodes of the podcast, a regularly-scheduled installment and a bonus episode, highlight various aspects of the West's historical relationship with Japan, both during its isolation and in more modern times.

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Historic Ship: RMS Aquitania, “Ship Beautiful,” a very long-lived ocean liner.

The beautiful Aquitania had a long career on the North Atlantic during which she steamed 3 million miles and made over 400 crossings.

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