Online Class: Understanding the American Revolution

WHEN: Beginning September 2017, probably Sunday afternoons

WHERE: Online teleconference (GoToMeeting or other free equivalent)

In this interactive class, conducted entirely online, Sean Munger will take you “into the weeds” of the American Revolution, helping you understand and analyze the complex events, ideas and people at the heart of the American founding story.

In six weekly sessions of two hours each, held online through simple “virtual meeting” tools freely available on the web, you and your fellow participants will journey through actual eyewitness source documents from the Revolution and its era. Not the words of historians–but those people who were actually there.

This is not just a series of static video lectures. It’s an interactive class in real time. Discuss with your fellow participants! Ask questions! Follow up!

All documents and sources are provided. No “homework!”

The understanding you will get fro this event is simply not available outside of a university (and in some cases not even there). You can’t get it from Ken Burns, PBS or the History Channel. [NOTE: there is no university or other scholastic credit associated with this course.]


This course is still being developed…and you, as charter students, have a chance to help shape it around your interests. After one (or possibly two) initial sessions, I will present to the class a “menu” of particular topics to cover, and hold a vote.


I am still in the process of building the course and recruiting charter students. The schedule of when the sessions take place, and the exact technical procedure to participate (GoToMeeting, or something of that nature), has not been determined yet. I will make sure all participants are very clear on how and when to join the sessions.

I will work with the participants to find a session time that works the best for the most people, most likely an evening or weekend. If you miss an individual session, arrangements will be made for you to view a recording of it.

An initial scheduling email, to determine when is the best time, will go out in the last few days of August.


The cost to participate is $150 for the full course ($25 per session). You can pay by PayPal, here!