Climate Change is Here. Are You


I can help your business or your organization reinvent itself to be able to survive and

thrive in the world that global warming is rapidly transforming.

Speaking & Outreach

I can speak to your organization about how climate change is totally transforming the business environment, and how you can begin to change your institutional thinking to adapt, seize opportunities and become part of the solution.

Strategy & Communications

I can help you game potential climate change situations (scenario planning), develop strategies for action, and communicate more effectively about your efforts to deal with climate change.

Clients I Have Helped

  • Our Children's Trust

  • The Climate Mobilization Project

  • Animal Legal Defense Fund

  • Open Source Medical Supplies

Pan-Am: A Lesson From History.

The historical example of what happened to Pan-American Airways is a cautionary tale for how companies and industries die when they don't see change coming. Watch the video to see the parallels to global warming and climate change.

What I've Done for Climate Change and Communications Clients.

I have helped various organizations with a variety of climate change- and communications-related issues. Watch the video for a brief summary of some of the things I've done.

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