In this science fiction audio drama, join Raljebi’s journey of self-discovery across the wretched war-torn Eastern Arm of the galaxy in search of peace, girls, adventure and himself. Armed with little more than a passport, a surfboard and an allergy to conformity, Raljebi sets out for the stars, but finds the galaxy much more dangerous and complicated than he bargained for.

Though it premiered in April 2018, the roots of Double Perigee go back 25 years; the novel it’s based on grew out of a short story written in 1993. Here is an article about the long history of Double Perigee, and, related, here is an article about why its time has come.

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1: Goodbye, Algeron

2: Rough Night

3: The Freighter

4: Planetfall

5: Camp Palag

6: The Raiders

7: Wingman

8: The Freeloaders

9: Love and Justice

10. The Trial

11. Triad

Interested in a glossary of Double Perigee-related terms and concepts? Here it is!
Double Perigee is copyright (C) 2018 by Sean Munger and/or Buffalo Fetus Productions.