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Raljebi Xoltihare, an angsty young man with clinical depression and a marked lack of ambition, is pursuing a useless college degree on the stupefying world of Algeron, mainly to dodge the draft back on his home planet of Caprion. The war that’s tearing the galaxy apart seems far away until Raljebi’s best friend Quilq—a Menkarian, the race with which Caprion is at war—announces that he’s dropping out of school to join a peace commune on planet Mira. But Quilq’s idealistic plans carry a terrible potential risk.

Written and performed by: Sean Munger

Original music: George Kay

Additional music: Kevin MacLeod,

Guest voice: George Kay

Length: 17 minutes 40 seconds

(April 28, 2018)

Show Notes

This episode, together with episode 2, tracks almost exactly the original short story called “Goodbye, Algeron” which introduced the characters, the situations and the Eastern Arm universe. I wrote the story in April 1993 and it has remained remarkably static over the course of the evolution of the story (for most of its gestation, the title was The Farthest Forever).

Erik Landwehr, to whom Double Perigee is dedicated, died in March 2018 while this podcast was in production. Here is his obituary.