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The protest camp, slowly developing a functioning government, puts the bandits known as the Raiders on public trial. Q’Zeiyn nominates Raljebi to sit on the jury, citing his tolerance of others as an indication of his honesty and objectivity. But Raljebi is reluctant, finding the broader issues behind the judgment of others more troubling than he expected. In the meantime, his relationship with Q’Zeiyn has now become public knowledge.

Original Music: George Kay

Guest Voice: Curtis Han

Length: 14 minutes, 52 seconds

(July 5, 2018)

Show Notes

Like several aspects of Double Perigee, this episode takes a page from history. The “Raiders” (some on social media have thought I’m talking about the football team!) are based upon, and named after, a group of thieves and terrorists among Union prisoners of war in the notorious Civil War concentration camp of Andersonville. In July 1864 the Raiders were put on trial by the other inmates, and six found guilty. Some of the legal arguments the Raiders in Double Perigee use resemble those actually employed at Andersonville.

Q’Zeiyn gets a bit more character development here. To be honest in the original Farthest Forever novel she is not well fleshed-out; I hope to make her more real in the podcast version. This episode also contains the second specific reference to Raljebi’s LGBTQ identity. Too few dramatic podcasts have LGBTQ main characters, and fewer still where the story is not ostensibly about something related to LGBTQ identity.