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Dejected that his best friend will be leaving him, Raljebi goes in search of a drink on Algeron’s squalid second moon. At the only dive bar on the moon that will serve humanoids, he unexpectedly crosses paths with three drunk Menkarian merchant mariners who are intent on demonstrating just how much they hate Caprionese. The encounter leads to Raljebi’s sudden change of heart about Quilq’s plans to join the protest movement.

Written and performed by: Sean Munger

Original music: George Kay

Length: 15 minutes 47 seconds

(April 28, 2018)

Show Notes

This episode was the second half of the original “Goodbye, Algeron” short story from 1993. Although the story was originally written before I went there, the “Club Q” bar in this episode instantly took on the look and atmosphere of a real-life dive bar, specifically catering to college students, just next to the Tulane University campus. I’m talking about The Boot, which is every bit as depressing and divey as Club Q in this story.