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Having dropped out of school and left Algeron abruptly, Raljebi and Quilq hop a Fomalhautian freighter as black-market passengers to try to get to the peace demonstration on Mira. During the voyage Raljebi suffers a depressive episode, and adjusts awkwardly to living in close proximity to aliens who don’t understand him. In the meantime, Quilq searches for information on what happens when they reach Mira and how to gain entry to the Galactic Peace Institute.

Written and performed by: Sean Munger

Original music: George Kay

Length: 14 minutes 13 seconds

(May 3, 2018)

Show Notes

This episode is meant to evoke the spirit of adventurous travel around the world in the 19th and 20th centuries, where you could “hop a tramp steamer” and sail off to some distant unknown land—usually after spending days or weeks in a cramped cabin suffering from seasickness. Classic science fiction writers have also envisioned interstellar travel that way, most notably Robert Sheckley (whom I once met) in his famous short story “A Ticket to Tranai.” Keep your ears peeled for the source of the podcast title which is first mentioned here.