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Arriving at Mira after a long journey, Raljebi and Quilq make their way down to the surface of the planet and its capital city, which they find a teeming, sweltering slum. What they’ve been told about what to expect upon arrival turns out to be terribly wrong, and the process of gaining entry to the Galactic Peace Institute proves more arduous and perilous than they bargained for.

Written and performed by: Sean Munger

Original music: George Kay

Additional music: Kevin MacLeod,

Guest voices: George Kay, Kelly Petering

Length: 15 minutes 8 seconds

(May 10, 2018)

Show Notes

This episode, the second planet we encounter on Double Perigee, sets the stage for a number of important threads to be developed later on. When originally writing this part of the story (written about spring/summer 1995) I wanted Mira to have a very exotic feel, like the Far East in the early part of the 20th century. My inspirations for the descriptions of Quaah came from the tales of Western travelers to China in the revolutionary era (1911-1949) and Americans who visited Saigon during the Vietnam War.