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Raljebi finds the “Palags” camped on the athletic fields next to the Galactic Peace Institute to be a colorful rainbow of alien races, cultures and attitudes, which captures his imagination and seems to validate his expectations. But he and Quilq soon discover that life in Camp Palag is no picnic. Bad food, terrible sanitary conditions and the planet’s natural heat and excessive gravity combine to make day-to-day existence in the camp challenging.

Written and performed by: Sean Munger

Original music: George Kay

Length: 15 minutes 14 seconds

(May 17, 2018)

Show Notes

The Double Perigee story, being about a young person going out to discover what the world (the universe) is really like, was always intended to be about the gap between idealism and reality. I like to think I captured that idea in episode five. Just as hippies in the United States in the Vietnam War era formed communes in the wilderness and found life there much harder than they expected, so too do the aliens who gather on Mira. Much of the inspiration for the “camp life” scenes in Double Perigee comes from my many trips to the Wacken Open Air heavy metal festival in Wacken, Germany. Although that’s a fun experience, it is made so because the basic necessities of food, clean water and toilets are all provided by the festival organizers—if they weren’t, no one would come! The departure point for this part of the story is the thought, what if all those people came without a plan for dealing with those basic necessities?

In my mind’s eye I envision Camp Palag looking not unlike the famous “Summer Jam Festival” in New York in July 1973, which was even bigger than Woodstock.