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Only a short time after arriving at Camp Palag, Raljebi’s disillusionment deepens when he and Quilq are attacked by a band of thugs, known as “the Raiders,” who use violence and intimidation to loot valuables from camp newcomers. In the meantime, Raljebi finally receives messages from his family back home, and Quilq befriends two Menkarian women among the camp’s ever-growing flood of newcomers. But with conditions already growing harsh, how many more Palags can the camp handle?

Written and Performed By: Sean Munger

Original Music: George Kay

Guest Voice: George Kay

Length: 14 minutes, 52 seconds

(May 24, 2018)

Show Notes

For every paradise, there’s a serpent in the garden. One of the major themes in Double Perigee is disillusionment, and I hope I’ve captured it here. The subplot introduced in this episode is one of the few elements of the podcast that wasn’t in the original 1998 novel. But it’s completely natural—something like the Raiders would have to exist in the kind of situation we have at Camp Palag, even if (supposedly) everyone means well.

There’s a lot of Double Perigee that’s drawn from real-life historical situations. The Raiders of Camp Palag are loosely based on a real-life group of thieves and thugs, also called the Raiders, that operated within the notorious prison camp of Andersonville during the Civil War. They too seem to have mistaken entitlement for survival. As I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn, the Raiders will make another appearance later in the series.