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Camp Palag, already dangerously overcrowded, continues to deteriorate with the arrival of even more peace protesters. But as conditions worsen, Raljebi develops an interest in a colorful newcomer from Caprion, at the same time as Quilq hopes to pair up his friend with the younger of the two Menkarian women. Unfortunately the problems of the camp take center stage again when the Raiders step up their reign of terror and pillage.

Written and Performed By: Sean Munger

Original Music: George Kay

Guest Voice: George Kay

Length: 14 minutes, 21 seconds

(May 31, 2018)

Show Notes

Perhaps my favorite character from the old The Farthest Forever manuscript (the novel upon which Double Perigee is based) makes his debut in the series in this episode, though it’s only a tantalizing tease. The introduction of this character—you’ll find out his name soon enough—was one of the things I could never quite get right in the written versions of the story, but his introduction sheds at least a little more light on what Caprion is like, which is to say, a militaristic dictatorship with a heavy dose of gender inequality. Most of what’s here in episode 7 are threads that will be developed later, but it’s a necessary part of the story.

The term “wingman” is perhaps an anachronism. I’m familiar with it mostly from teen and youth culture in the 1980s, perhaps influenced by the movie Top Gun. In that context, as here, if you’re trying to date one member of an inseparable duo of friends, your “wingman” is the person who agrees to go out with your intended’s friend so you can get her (or him) alone. Ironically, relationships that start out as “wingman” situations often outlast the primary pairings they’re intended to facilitate. This is part of the coming-of-age aspects of the Double Perigee story. The main characters are college kids, but they’re still kids.