The universe of the science fiction audio drama podcast Double Perigee is pretty complex and detailed. For those who enjoy “world-building,” here’s a guide to the story’s backdrop.

Algeron: a non-aligned world, populated by mammalian creatures.

Alioth: one of the three major powers in the Eastern Arm. It is a swampy world populated by an amphibious species resembling salamanders. Alioth is a parliamentary democracy with multiple political parties. Though Alioth originally pledged neutrality in the war, it eventually entered the conflict on the Menkarian side, against the Caprionese.

Andrelica: technical name of what we call the Milky Way galaxy. The area where most of the story takes place is in one of the spiral arms, called the Eastern Arm.

Caprion: one of the three major powers of the Eastern Arm. It is largely an arid world populated by humanoids. While once a democracy, Caprion’s government (the “Caprion Corporate”) is now considered to be a fascist state. There is a parliament, but its members represent corporations rather than constituents. Caprion’s social order is marked by gender inequality. Only females are considered full citizens, may own property and take part in the political process.

Cycle: a unit of time, totaling approximately 6.4 Earth years. Cycles are divided into 20 months (subcycles) of 100 days each.

GalNet: Galaxy Network, a communications medium that unites the inhabited worlds of the galaxy. It is run from a central computer network located at Axni-Arnosh in the center of the galaxy.

Menkar (Menkarian Empire): one of the three major powers of the Eastern Arm. Centered on the star Menkar, there are several solar systems that encompass the Empire. Menkarians are mostly reptilian beings but they also have mammalian genetic stock. Their government is a monarchy; the current head of state is Emperor Quoq II.

This page is continually updated as more episodes are added. Double Perigee is copyright (C) 2018 by Sean Munger and/or Buffalo Fetus Productions.