The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History

(c) 2019 by Sean Munger

Release Date: August 20, 2019

Category: Non-Fiction, History, Environmental Economics

Climate change is the world’s biggest problem. It affects every human being on Earth, and it’s going to fundamentally alter every human institution and way of life, from business and economics to politics to spirituality, religion, culture and identity. But, as big as it is, climate change is not “the end of history.” In fact, it’s just the beginning of a new phase of the history of humanity, one that presents opportunities as well as challenges. Being ready to ride this wave of change is the true calling of our times.

Historian Sean Munger, an expert on the history of climate change, has written this short, concise, readable book for the lay person who wants to know what we might expect in a climate-changed world, and how we might deal with it. It’s informed by history: using lessons from the past to make reasonable projections about how things might go in the future. The Warmest Tide cuts through media noise, political froth, and does not contain a single scientific chart or graph. It’s not a polemic, a jeremiad or a manifesto. Instead, it’s a no-nonsense look at where history tells us we may be going. Although climate change and global warming are unprecedented challenges, you may be surprised by how much the past can tell us about our future.

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Advance praise for The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History:

“The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History” is a truly interesting, stimulating and entertaining book. Munger is a historian who looks at the current state of the world through this lens and develops truly interesting points. It is a must read for anyone that might want to look at global warming and global economics with a higher level of consideration and insight. It frames climate change, the global economy and the need to make major changes on both that is masterful. It also offers hope into the future, something a professional historian can perhaps do better than anyone else. I highly recommend this book!”

David Houle, Futurist, Speaker, Thinker, co-author of Moving to a Finite Earth Economy

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The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History will be available in print (paperback), Amazon Kindle, and Audible audiobook versions. The release date is August 20, 2019 (though the audiobook version may take a little longer to become available).

Dr. Sean Munger is a historian, consultant, lawyer, podcaster and teacher. He is “The Historian Who Sees The Future” and he’s particularly engaged in helping business leaders prepare for the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by climate change. In addition to his work on climate change, Sean is the producer and host of the historical podcast Second Decade. He also gives webinars and online classes on historical topics.