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“Second Decade” Podcast, Episode 6 examines the retirement of Thomas Jefferson.

The latest podcast episode examines Jefferson's troubles during the 1810s, when he was not-so-happily retired to Monticello after leaving the White House.

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“Second Decade” history podcast, Episode 2: Barbados Vault and the Dead Tea Woman.

New episode of Second Decade delves into the history behind two bizarre mysteries, both involving the dead, that occurred in the British West Indies in the early 19th century.

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Earth: Villa Diodati, Switzerland, where a horror (and environmental) legend was born.

This house on the shores of Lake Geneva is the birthplace of a whole generation of horror stories.

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The Sage of Monticello looks skyward: Thomas Jefferson’s weather book.

After he returned from Washington, Thomas Jefferson chronicled the environmental history of his plantation in a special book, which very few historians have ever seen.