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“Some Kind of a Man,” Indeed: recapping the beginning of the Orson Welles Blogathon.

Some fine bloggers have stepped up to deconstruct the life and work of Orson Welles, with entries on the length and breadth of his career.

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Brave New World, the new cinema of the 2010s [Part II]: big movies, small stories.

The second installment of my analysis of "Brave New World" of 2010s cinema involves examples spanning the globe from the U.S., England, Ireland and Russia.

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“Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances,” my new story collection, is out now!

My new collection of stories includes "Hotel Himalaya," "Wacken" and "Mountain of Shadows," three tales with significant commonalities.

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“Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast”: The fate of Joshua Slocum. And wine.

In this installment of "Mysterious Tales," a famous nautical adventurer vanishes in a rickety boat in the Caribbean. That's not really New England, but whatever. Oh, and wine!

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“I Can’t Kickflip”: An interesting, quirky film about an Australia-New Zealand journey. [video]

Watch a photographer's 3-month road trip through Australia and New Zealand condensed down to 10 very interesting minutes.

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Flostam and Jetsam, Part I: The grisly floating feet of the Salish Sea.

A bunch of disembodied human feet, stuck in shoes, have washed up on Canadian and American beaches since 2007. How'd they get there?

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