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Brave New World, the new cinema of the 2010s [Part II]: big movies, small stories.

The second installment of my analysis of "Brave New World" of 2010s cinema involves examples spanning the globe from the U.S., England, Ireland and Russia.

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My 10 favorite articles of 2013 (Part III): Mitch & Bonnie, Pope and Packard.

In a few hours 2013 will be history (or it may already be, depending on where you live when this article goes up). I'm taking [...]

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Disco suits, platform shoes and literary fraud: the story behind “Saturday Night Fever.”

The greatest cultural artifact of the disco era is based on a famous hoax.

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Disappeared: Mitchel Weiser and Bonita Bickwit, missing 40 years today. [includes video]

Two beautiful kids vanished in 1973 on their way to a rock concert. They remain some of the most famous MPs of their generation.

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Earth: John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, alma mater of two famous missing persons.

This is John Dewey High School, on Avenue X in Brooklyn, New York. I know it's odd to see such a wintry scene on a [...]

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