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Geography of hate: the places of racism in American history. [With Geolocations]

The legacy of racism is everywhere in American history, from marble mansions to ordinary streetcorners. We must reckon with it.

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“And you call yourself a historian?”: the misunderstanding and contempt for professional history.

I require no lectures from purveyors of pseudohistory and other nonsense on the standards of the historical profession.

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Lost America: Belle Grove Plantation, Iberville Parish, Louisiana.

One of the grandest plantations in the South when it was finished in 1857, Belle Grove had a long, sad history of ruin until it finally burned in 1952.

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“The Valley of Forever” podcast: Episode 10, “Twice Upon a Time in the West.”

This episode explores the backstory of the character known as Dale, which takes us back to the U.S. Civil War and an epic disaster on the Mississippi.

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