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“Second Decade” Podcast, Episode 4, explores the history of Hawaii in the 1810s.

The newest installment of Second Decade examines two worlds, on opposite sides of the globe, which collided unexpectedly at the end of the 1810s.

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“The Valley of Forever” podcast update: Episode 6, “Chinese Box,” is now up.

Episode 6 of the story continues Marcus's wanderings in Hawaii, as the complexity of the plot increases.

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Episode 5 of “The Valley of Forever” podcast, “Father of Lies,” is now up!

The SF story podcast continues. This episode takes us to Hawaii in the 1990s, and into the heart of a family drama.

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Discovering paradise: the journal of Daniel Chamberlain, early Hawaii missionary.

The diary of one of the first Americans to visit Hawaii, in 1820, provides some fascinating insights into history.

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Expulsion from paradise: the civilian evacuees from Hawaii after Pearl Harbor.

Thousands of civilians were evacuated from Hawaii in the weeks and months after the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Many never returned. This is their story.

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