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You won’t believe this amazing historic film footage: New York as it was in the 1890s-1900s! [video]

This amazing compilation presents not only the footage itself, but shows you when and where it was taken.

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A Severed Hand, A Hidden Tunnel, and Salisbury’s Oldest Pub

This sounds like one of the coolest places in the world. Literally. An English pub in a medieval building, filled with history, mystery and even [...]

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Curse Scrolls, Mystery Cults, and the Secret Roman History of Mainz

This is why I love Jaunting Jen's blog! The Roman history of Germany is really fascinating, and she brings it to life with an engaging [...]

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Richard Shephard’s Fav Five: The First Computer Programmer, The Father of Science Fiction & More

The wonderful "Fab Five" series on Yesterday Unhinged continues! Up to bat this time is Twitter master of odd Victoriana, Richard Shepherd, who has chosen [...]

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