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Announcement and cover reveal: “Jake’s 88,” my new novel, is coming January 15!

A coming-of-age romance set in the tumultuous year of 1988, "Jake's 88" is a time warp back to thirty years in the past and all that entails. It's out January 15!

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Announcing “Outer Frontier,” a new short story collection coming soon!

Two bizarre SF stories, focusing on our obsession with entertainment and diversion, will soon be available in a Kindle edition, for free, and a low-priced paperback version.

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30 Years Later, A Tribute To 1986 In Film To Open At Gallery 1988 On March 25, 2016

Since the time of Andy Warhol, modern art has increasingly focused on popular culture. Gallery 1988 is a relatively new art gallery that deals specifically [...]

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The Bumsteads Are Us! The Story of Chic Young’s ‘Blondie’ Comic Strip

ArtLark is a great blog because they showcase fascinating things that would otherwise not really get my attention. Sure, I've heard of Blondie (the comic [...]

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