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Earth: Katyn Forest, Russia, the site of a truly monstrous act of anti-intellectualism.

In April 1940, agents working for Stalin murdered tens of thousands of people here. Why? They were afraid of them thinking too much.

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The “Killer Clown” menace: the historical roots of our latest mass hysteria.

Are creepy clowns really stalking the dark places of America? Or is it some sort of mass hysteria? Maybe a bit of both.

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Flostam and Jetsam, Part I: The grisly floating feet of the Salish Sea.

A bunch of disembodied human feet, stuck in shoes, have washed up on Canadian and American beaches since 2007. How'd they get there?

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The Towering Inferno for real: The story of the Joelma Building disaster.

If this high-rise in Brazil had been built deliberately to kill people in a fire disaster, it probably couldn't have succeeded more brilliantly.

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